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Garage Conversion Contractor Los Angeles

400 sqf garage conversion in Los Angeles and turn it into a beautiful two bedroom living space with complete kitchen and master bedroom and bathroom. building a garage with a vaulted ceiling and french doors that make this ADU unique and different than the others. has its own electric panel and address. private entry with tile over cement slab. double 6′ high vinyl gates and many more features. Read more at the bottom of this page.

How To Convert Your Garage in Los Angeles (ADU)? Call 888-777-9126

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Garage conversion Los Angeles – There is a certain process to convert your existing car garage into an ADU (Accessory Dwelling Unit) in Los Angeles. The company that you’re hiring must know all the building codes and to be able to deliver to you all the items per code and per plans. 

The first process is to check with your local city what are their regulations and codes to convert your garage in Los Angeles. It is a new law in California and every city should approve your property to build a garage.

The next process is to hire a well experienced construction company that are licensed in California and carries all insurances needed such as liability, worker’s compensation, bond, etc. America Green Builders license can be checked here. It will help to see a garage conversion video process from the company to help you make a better decision with the company that you’re going to hire. Most homeowners don’t understand the process of converting the garage but in a short phrase it is exact the same process of building a house except the foundation, framing and stucco process, even though the contractor does need to add new foundation, framing and stucco where the garage door will be removed and closed.The new ADU must be a livable place with Full Kitchen Cabinets and Counter-Top.

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 Full Complete Bathroom. Air Conditioning System (Mini Split Unit). New Windows and Doors. Tank-Less Water Heater. Appliances and Its own Entrance and Address. In some cases it will be required to have its own Electric Panel Box, Gas Meter and Water Meter That will increase the cost of building the ADU dramatically. Other factors that will increase the cost are the location of the main sewer line of the city. 

The construction company should be able to deliver to the homeowners a full architectural drawing with a 3D design rendering with a fair cost that will not exceed $7,000. (For special prices and free consultation please contact America Green Builders).

There is an additional city required fee that will cover the Tittle 24 Energy efficiency requirements plus city permitting fees. 

America Green Builders has a great experience with building a garage (ADU) in many cities across Los Angeles such as Sherman Oaks, Long Beach and many other cities in Los Angeles county. They also have in house Architect that can help homeowners to get the plans approved faster than usual and with a low cost.

America Green Builders team will be able to finish the ADU within 2 to 3 month max with the entire city inspections required and will hand the key to the homeowner in a timely fashion.   

America Green Builders interest is to get the project done as fast as possible so the homeowners will be able to enjoy the new house and will be able to generate fast income.

Another great fact about an ADU’S is that the square footage of the garage conversion will be added to the existing house square footage and will increase dramatically the value of the property.

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