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Bathroom Contractor Los Angeles

AGB is specialized in bathroom renovations in Los Angeles county with over 20 years of experience.

Bathroom remodeling shouldn’t be a hard process if you and the contractor plan it right. AGB provides excellent experience, painless process and amazing results. 


You, the homeowner, have to make the right decision before you choose the right candidate who will do your project. it is a tough decision and it has nothing to do with the cost of the project. 

You first need someone that you can really trust before you open your doors to him and to his crew. you need to check his company license and insurances

you need to read real reviews about them, see if they have real video testimonials, and even talk to their real previous customers over the phone just to get inspired before you’re making a final decision.

AGB worked very hard in the past few years to make your decision as easy as possible. We have checked and marked all of the above and more!

We have excellent 5 stars reviews from our customers in many different platforms such as Google, Facebook, BBB and many more. We also make a big effort and spend lots of time and money on our video testimonials, photos, and showing progress of our projects, BEFORE, DURING and AFTER.

We believe in hard work and we believe that every homeowner should have the ability to see who we are and what we’re doing.

We’re taking pride in our work and we want to show it to every potential client.

Our customers are always happy to cooperate and they allow us to share their phone numbers and to give honest testimonials any time we need it. We will help you with design ideas, we will spend time with you to purchase the right materials that will fit your home with the right color combinations.

we will share with you our experience and we always promise to give you the best results in a timely manner and in a reasonable budget.

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