Master Suite Addition And Home Renovation

One story house in Rancho Palos Verdes built on a slab foundation. Added 500 square feet master suite with bathroom and walk-in closet. Adding 250 square feet Wood patio, Relocation of the kitchen, open floor concept between the living room and the new kitchen. Renovation of the old 2 bathrooms. New doors and windows. New sky lights. New Vinyl floors. New half roof and more!

Room Addition Cost

Additional Information

Room addition in Los Angeles cost are varied and it’s impossible to give exact price without to see the actual blue print plans that has been approved by the local building and safety department.

The process of getting the blue prints plans are the same in each city but the time frame to get them approved is different from city to city.

First the architect must come to the property, meet with the homeowner and learns he’s needs of the room addition, giving ideas and doing full assessment and measurements of the property.

After getting all the information needed, the architect will draw all details of floor plans along with existing plans and propose plan with all engineering details, foundation, framing, plumbing, electrical, insulation, title 24, and anything else that requested by homeowner and by the city to get the plans approved and ready to issue!

After plans are being approved homeowner should meet with licensed contractor, insured, bonded and carries worker’s compensation for his employees like America Green Builders License just in case one of them will be injured in the job site and they will be covered by the insurance company. (homeowners must be aware that if a contractor don’t carry any license or insurances they can be in a big risk of paying all medical expenses in case of injury in their property to the contractor or his employees. in case of death they can even lose their home if they don’t have enough funds to cover the law suit).

After plans are approved it will be a lot easier to give exact price to the homeowner without any hidden surprises. Experienced company would be able to read the plans, calculate material costs, time of labor from start to completion, company overhead and profit.

America Green Builders offers to their clients in house Architect/Engineer in a low cost plus full 3D rendering design to help homeowners visualize their project in a better way.

A real time frame to build an addition is depends of the size of the room addition or home extension. Most likely it will take no more than 3 to 4 month from start day if the company has well-trained crews that will take care of the project.

America Green Builders has their own trained and well experienced crews that will be able to complete the room addition, house expansion in a timely manner without any unnecessary delays.

Our project managers visiting the job sites on a daily bases, answers all questions, scheduling all the crews, making sure materials will be on site on time, scheduling inspections, meeting the inspectors and making sure that the job progress going smooth as much as possible.

America Green Builders only interest is to engage with new homeowners and help them archive their goals, give them excellent customer service, professional support, fair and competitive prices and keep them satisfied before, during and at the end of the project.

Our present customers help us out by referring us to their family members, friend and neighbors, also posting 5 stars reviews online. 

For any questions, please feel free to contact us.

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