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Your bathroom is your sanctuary. general contractor if it’s not, it should be.

Unfortunately, many Los Angeles homes are riddled with outdated bathrooms, cracked claw foot tubs, hideous linoleum flooring and the list goes on. 

At general contractor van nuys, we speak with clients every day regarding bathroom renovation. Many are fed up with their embarrassing, dysfunctional bathrooms, but general contractor here to help. There is nothing like watching their frowns turn to smiles when we show them the incredible difference a bit of renovation can make.

Are you ready to make your dreary bathroom a spa like paradise? Then keep reading. We’re about to let you in on a few of our best bathroom renovation secrets for beginners.

First, Set Your Budget For Your Bathroom Renovation

Budgeting for your bathroom renovation is the general contractor step towards a successful, smooth remodeling process. This budget should be tentatively set before you contact your contractor. 

Even if your budget isn’t exact, try and have a good idea of what you can afford before looking into designs and styles you love.

In Los Angeles, a quality bathroom renovation costs between $5,000 and $60,000. Of course, this price can vary and averages between $10,000 for smaller bathrooms and $40,000 for larger bathrooms. 

Does this sound like a hefty chunk of change? It is. general contractor don’t forget to consider the resale value that a bathroom renovation  adds to your home. In fact, sources show you can recoup anywhere from 60.2% to 67.2% of your renovation costs upon resale. 

So don’t turn your nose up to a reno. It can be seriously worth it. 

Consider General contractor Before Design

This beautiful bathroom began with a client’s dream.

One of the most common mistakes clients make is that they see a design they love for their bathroom renovation

without considering the functionality. general contractor nothing worse than having a gorgeous bathroom you don’t want to use because it doesn’t function well for your needs.

Before you choose a design, consider the bathroom you are renovating and who will be using it most. general contractor this a guest bathroom? A master bathroom? Is this a bathroom your kids will use often?

Considering your bathroom’s functionality first will not only help you choose a design that only looks stellar, but also works for your household. 

Don’t Forget About Storage Space In Your general contractor Bathroom Renovation

You don’t realize how much you love storage until you don’t have any place to store the towels and toilet paper. 

Open spaces are trendy right now, and a wide open bathroom with very little clutter is not only beautiful but much more manageable. However, general contractor  to add shelves and medicine cabinets in an effort to keep your bathroom looking as minimalistic as possible can lead you to eventually crowding your bathroom with clutter out of desperation.

If you have a small space, don’t worry. Our experts at  General contractor can help create a design you’ll love that’s not only open, but also rich with plenty of storage space. 

The general contractor Flooring Matters

the bathroom floor matters
flooring can make all the difference in your bathroom renovation.

Clients are shocked at how general contractor  flooring adds to their bathroom renovation. Flooring can also be a fun and relatively inexpensive way to add a touch of personality to your space.  At AGB, our contractors personally shop with you to pick out styles that not only suit your personality and taste, but also your budget.

And if something is just out of reach, we’ll help you find alternatives so you’re never left unsatisfied or disappointed. 

Lighting Can Be So Much More Fun Than You Realize

Say goodbye to those old fashioned light bulbs across the mirror and hello to stunning, modern and unique general contractor fixtures that really make your bathroom renovation pop. 

Some of our clients love to go bold while others choose more subtle light fixtures that make their bathroom glow.

As we always like to say, it’s the little things that make the biggest impact. 

Ventilation – A Bathroom Renovation MUST

Okay, so ventilation isn’t the most fun aspect of a bathroom renovation to discuss, but just because it doesn’t always have to do with design doesn’t mean it’s not important. 

Ventilation will not only help keep your bathroom from general contractor deteriorating over the years, but it will also ensure your family is safe. Properly ventilating your bathroom can reduce mold build up and structural damage, amongst other issues. 

Proper ventilation will also make your bathroom much more comfortable to use in the long run.

So don’t slack on picking a quality ventilation system or even allowing general contractor to add a window if possible. Why not, when doing so will add to your gorgeous bathroom renovation design?

Trust The Experts

Bathroom Design Tool
Ask for clarification if you don’t understand, and trust the experts to help you make your dream general contractor bathroom renovation into a reality.

Once you’ve done your research and found the experts you trust to handle your bathroom renovation, trust them. 

At general contractor, we listen to everything our clients say and do our best to ensure they are happy from start to finish. Of course, not all contractors are going to be as detail oriented, so our tips for picking the right bathroom renovation contractor is to do research, research, research.

Read reviews, general contractor testimonials, and talk to friends who have had good experiences with their contractors in the past. 

Most of our clients come by word of mouth and many are returning clients in Los Angeles who ask us back for room additions, ADUs, kitchen remodels and more. 

You can watch testimonials here to get a better idea of our work and look at bathroom renovations we’ve done for past clients in LA. 

Last, Try To Be Flexible and Expect The Unexpected 

There are almost always going to be surprises that come along with bathroom general contractor renovations, no matter how old or new your home is. Prepare for this and give your budget a bit of cushion just in case.

At general contractor, we strive to deliver stellar results under budget, but we also talk our clients through any issues and surprises that may occur along the way that are out of our control. We will also work with you and help you troubleshoot, find solutions and get back on track with your bathroom renovation.

Some of the most common surprises we run into during bathroom renovations at AGB include stumbling across mold during our demolition (often due to improper ventilation), water damage, leaky or corroded plumbing, and code issues – general contractor if your home is older.

We encourage you to factor all of these potential surprises into your budget, but our experts at general contractor can also help you do this if you’re not sure how to go about it properly. 

So, how long does a bathroom renovation take from start to finish in Los Angeles? general contractor can depend, but at general contractor, we strive to be in and out of your home within a matter of weeks. 

Our team is professional with over 20 years of experience, and we know how to make your dream bathroom a reality.

Contact us today for your free consultation regarding a bathroom renovation (or any home renovation, for that matter) at

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