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Kitchen General Contractor

America Green Builders is a specialized Kitchen Remodeling General Contractor company in Los Angeles.

Before - Old Kitchen

Kitchen Contractor - Before

This picture was taken before we started the project.
The view of the picture is the sink view with 2 small windows that were turned to be a large bay window.

Kitchen Demolition

Kitchen General Contractor - Demolition

In this project we opened up the 2 walls from the sides of the above picture to make the space larger and open floor concept. AGB responsible to remove and haul away all debris during construction and to the end of the project. We have professional demolition crew that covers the work area and protect the privacy of our clients at all time

Framing process

Kitchen General Contractor - Framing

After the demolition process has been done and waste has been removed, we start the framing work, beams supports, window headers and pony wall for the kitchen peninsula. AGB has a professional framing crew that specializes in remodeling framing, room additions, and new construction framing with over 30 years of experience. 


Kitchen Contractor - Insulation

After we finished locating all the rough plumbing and electrical in place per our design and passed rough inspection, we started covering the exterior walls and ceilings with insulation per code requirements. For walls we're using R-15 and for ceiling we're using R-30. Then we call for insulation inspection. AGB responsible to schedule all inspections needed so our clients will stay safe and free of headache.

Drywall installation

Kitchen Contractor - Drywall

The next step after insulation is the installation of the drywall over any exposed frame. Our professional experienced drywall installation crew are well trained. AGB responsible for all materials delivery to the job site and always making sure that the job will be done in a timely manner and professional as always.


Kitchen Contractor - Painting

After we pass drywall inspection it's time to tape the drywall joints, mud and plaster all the walls and ceiling and let it dry. We use the same process at list 2 times then we sand the walls and ceiling until we get a perfect smooth surface. Then we apply primer and 2 coats of paint. AGB painters crew paying attention to all details and taking the time to make the paint work look the best as possible. After all, the finished process is the most important and we make sure that our customers will be 100% satisfied! 

Cabinets installation

Kitchen Contractor - Cabinets

After paint is done and floors have been installed we start to assemble the pieces of the cabinets that were delivered to the job site. AGB professional and experienced kitchen cabinets maker crew will install the cabinets in 2-3 days at the most. Will pay attention to all details, will protect the floors, walls and ceiling as needed and will keep the job site clean and organized as always. with over 20 years of experience there is no place for any mistakes. AGB general contractor customers are always in our first place priority to get the best for their money.

Counter top

Kitchen Contractor - Counter top

After cabinets have been installed and plywood has been set over the base cabinets, our professional countertop fabricator and installer will come to take the final measurements, will make the temporary platform in the shop and will fabricate the slab that our customer chooses from our large inventory. AGB general contractor counter top crew will cut the edges per our customers request, will make all the necessary openings for the sink, cook top and any other  opening per our design and will leave the job site clean as always.

Kitchen cabinets

Kitchen Contractor- Completion

AGB takes pride in their work and we pay attention to all details before, during and at the end of the renovation. With over 20 years of general contractor experience we are truly giving the best service to our clients, we care to get the job done in a timely manner and we're using the highest craftsmanship to get the highest results to all of our customers. Our jobs photos and videos speak for themselves. Our customers' testimonials (Videos and reviews) keep us proud and give us the strength to continue our hard work.  

AGB specialized with kitchen renovation and design to build. We general contractor take pride in our work and we will make you be proud for choosing America Green Builders. When you’re looking for the right company to make your dream come to reality you can trust America Green Builders. The owner of AGB (Mike) will always be there for you 24/6 and will help you to finalize your desired design to the best of his knowledge. With over 20 years of general contractor experience and hundreds of satisfied customers, you can be sure you’ll make the right decision. Mike will pay attention to all details, will meet you at cabinets showroom, countertop and tiles showroom and will help you make your dream kitchen at a fair and reasonable price. Mike and AGB teams will take care of your house and your privacy and will make sure the job will be clean and smooth and will be done on time and on budget with no surprises.